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📢New podcast!📢

Could a clean energy transition help save struggling economies?

@laurensneade spoke to @AssaadRazzouk, host
... of the The Angry Clean Energy Guy podcast about Lebanon's recent elections, a solar transition, and climate finance

🎓🎓Leading scientists have written to MEPs with a warning that the #bioenergy plans in the EU's #Fitfor55 would increase ... #deforestation, harm #climate and damage global #FoodSecurity. They call on @markuspieperMEP, @EPPGroup and others to act. #NetZero

"Intensive tree-felling has [now] turned Finland’s forests from a carbon sink into a source of emissions"

Without Russian wood,
... the bioenergy industry is eating away at European forests:

"Most Estonian timber is turned into wood pellets to burn..."

Bioenergy explained

As the world begins to phase out coal power, some countries see biomass as its successor fuel – but is burning trees and plant matter really a renewable energy source?

With funding from the European Climate Foundation, ELCI hosts this hub to provide a definitive perspective on bioenergy – the science, the policy, and the big picture for the planet.