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"Migration is a result of the climate crisis. But the migration part itself is not the crisis, it is
... actually the solution."

@soniashah & @Alimacewen talk about #climate migration, 'invasive' animal species, and elitist #science.

"Burning forest biomass is projected to rise in all scenarios under the European Commission’s Climate Target Plan: 9–19% by ... 2030 & 66–80% by 2050."

Read that again: "projected to rise" in a "Climate Target Plan"
Emissions are emissions #StopFakeRenewable

Bioenergy explained

As the world begins to phase out coal power, some countries see biomass as its successor fuel – but is burning trees and plant matter really a renewable energy source?

With funding from the European Climate Foundation, ELCI hosts this hub to provide a definitive perspective on bioenergy – the science, the policy, and the big picture for the planet.