Collating the best research, writing and analysis.

Our aim is to share and amplify campaigns, research and policy developments in a range of topics related to climate change, urban development and biodiversity protection. From the Global South and North.

Economy, Land and Climate Insight (ELCI) aims to provide a useful, central information hub for existing academic and policy research on the interactions between land, economy and climate change.

For example, on issues such as bioenergy or biodiversity, we have found it difficult to find a central resource where one can find detailed, up to date, disinterested research. We hope that ELCI will provide this, and a gateway to further reading. We hope that academics, researchers, activists and policymakers will be able to contribute to the website and help inform readers around the world. We also hope journalists researching these topics will find the resources useful.

The site is powered by the team at Culmer Raphael, an ecological research and policy consultancy, founded in 2014 with a footprint in London and Brussels. We have received some support for this project from the European Climate Foundation. The rest is self-funded. We are happy to receive submissions, suggestions and corrections.

Our people

Alasdair MacEwen


Alasdair has worked in politics and government in Scotland, Spain, France, Brussels and London. He now works on climate policy and politics in the EU and UK.

Edward Robinson


Edward has spent over a decade working in climate change and environmental campaigns in the UK and EU. He has worked for Green Alliance in the UK and the European Climate Foundation in Brussels. With Alasdair, he co-founded Culmer Raphael in 2014 and ELCI in 2020.

Bertie Harrison-Broninski

Assistant Editor

Bertie has worked for years both in the third sector, and in media. He sits on the board of directors for development charity Oxford Omnia International, edits The Civil Society Review, and has sold freelance investigative work to clients such as Al Jazeera and John Sweeney.

Lauren Sneade

Assistant Editor

Lauren is an Assistant Editor at ELCIShe writes about global climate policy, China, and discussions of the environment in art. Her journalistic work has covered system corruption; from inequity in arts council funding allocation, to cultures of sexual harassment at top universities.