Are biofuels worse for the climate than petrol and jet fuel?

John DeCicco, Professor Emeritus at University of Michigan, has been studying transport emissions & biofuels for decades. Alasdair asked him about the alarming findings of his research: liquid biofuels could be worse for the climate than fossil fuels.

Is there any hope for a green aviation industry?

Alasdair spoke Finlay Asher, founder of Safe Landing, about the reasons technological and market-based solutions to aviation emissions are not going to get us to net-zero, and what the sector should be doing instead.

What does Australia’s new Labor government mean for climate politics?

On 23 May 2022, the Australian Labor Party entered government for the first time since 2013, under the leadership of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Alasdair spoke to Dr. Marija Taflaga, Director of the Australian National University’s Center for the Study of Australian Politics, to talk about shifting climate politics in the county, and what the new government could mean for the green transition.

Can palm oil be ethical and sustainable in Indonesia?

Lauren talks to Tania Li, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto, about the sustainability of the oil that’s in 50% of supermarket food products – and the issues with labour and land rights in Indonesia’s palm oil industry.

Has environmental policy contributed to the crisis in Sri Lanka?

Bertie speaks to Melani Gunathilaka, a Sri Lankan climate activist who has become a leading voice in the Gotagogama protests. They discussed the role of climate policy in the cascading crises and corruption allegations that have recently plagued the country.

Is a utopian future still possible with climate breakdown?

Bertie talks to Drew Pendergrass, coauthor of Half Earth Socialism, recently published by Verso books. They discuss geoengineering, population scaremongering, climate colonialism, and the big question for many on the left: will we be able to mitigate the climate crisis under capitalism?

How has climate change affected Lebanon? With Assaad Razzouk

Lauren talks to Assaad Razzouk, host of the Angry Clean Energy Guy podcast and British Lebanese clean energy entrepreneur. They talk about the recent elections in Lebanon, systemic problems with climate finance, and the ways a clean energy transition could help struggling economies.